Welcome to Chef Bek's Catering!

I am so glad you found me! My name is Rebekah and I have always loved to cook. The Easy Bake Oven from my childhood sparked something that couldn't be snuffed! Both my parents spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking. We hosted many family events in our home surrounded by food and cousins. Sweet memories! Let's just say cooking and eating have always been dear to my heart so pursuing a profession in the industry was a no brainer. I studied at Johnson & Wales University when the campus was in Charleston, SC and graduated with the Class of 2000. I started my catering business in 2005 with a desire to have a more flexible schedule for my family. It has truly been a blessing to work in a field that I love. 

I launched Clean Fuel in January of 2018. It is a meal prep program with new menus posted by Friday on FB and below. The meals are all fully cooked, you only need to heat and serve. You can order family meals for four, two, or individual meals. We also offer lunches, but they are not posted. They are typically an assortment of salads, wraps, adult lunchables, chicken or tuna salad, and dinner repeats at a smaller portion. You can pick and choose which meals you want. You don't have to order for the full week, but we would love for you to! Pick up is on Tuesdays between 5 & 7pm at 108 Lakeshore Drive, Easley, SC. You can pay cash, check, or card but it's 3% more with a card.

Running this business has been an amazing experience and we look forward to the coming years! For our catering services the menus we have posted on our website are our lunch, dinner, and wedding & special events menus. Breakfast and brunch are available as an option. We also make a variety of cupcakes. Please email or call for more details. We can set up and send a menu/proposal to you within 24 hours. We can accommodate smaller groups as well as large parties. We have catered many different venues and would love to be your caterer, no matter what the occasion!

Chef Bek's has been offering Clean Fuel since 2018.

Meal prep done for you!

✨✨✨  Here is the menu for the week. Message me to order by Sunday evening. Pick up is Tuesday 5/24/22 between 5 & 7pm. Alternate Wednesday pick up available. Please order through Chef Bek’s FB messenger.  ✨✨✨

Apple Bacon Cheddar Burgers with Roasted Potatoes

Macros: Protein 49, Fat 30, Carbs 35

Jalapeno Popper Casserole

Macros: Protein 49, Fat 33, Carbs 51

Pizza Stuffed Bell Peppers

Macros: Protein 28, Fat 30, Carbs 28

Teriyaki Salmon with Soba Noodles & Veg

Macros: Protein 45, Fat 5, Carbs 92

Chicken Pasta with a Sun Dried Tomato Cream Sauce & Veg

Macros: Protein 52, Fat 20, Carbs 111

Southwest Chicken Salad

Single weekly meals (5 lunch & 5 ) = $85

Family dinner for 4 = $38

Individual dinners = $9.50

Individual lunches = $7.50

Some substitutions are allowed but may come with an additional charge. Low Carb & Gluten Free options may come at an additional charge.

All meals are fully cooked. Only heat and serve required.

Meal Prep made with whole foods that you can be sure will taste as good as they are for your body! Weekly menus are posted between Thursdays & Fridays. Look for the details on my Facebook page Chef Bek's Catering!